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Nintendo reuploads Animal Crossing Direct, removing reference to one-time save data recovery

While the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct this week was fantastic, Nintendo has received a fair bit of backlash regarding its Cloud Save feature for Nintendo Switch Online members. The game won’t be backed up to the cloud and if your system becomes defective you can only recover the save once by contacting Nintendo. This was revealed via tiny text in the Direct itself. However, Nintendo has reuploaded the video and removed the reference of a one time recovery of data. Hopefully they are looking again at how this will work to satisfy fans.


18 thoughts on “Nintendo reuploads Animal Crossing Direct, removing reference to one-time save data recovery”

  1. Seriously, why tout your online service as having cloud saving when your biggest games- and the ones that would benefit the most from having cloud save data backups- won’t even use them? I swear, Nintendo execs are still idiots when it comes to the Internet and they’ve had years to figure this out.

    1. +The Man of Brisk
      You know what’s even funnier? Stardew Valley, a game similar to Animal Crossing, does allow you to back up your saves to the cloud even though it technically can be used to “cheat” the system. It really speaks volumes when an indie game ran by 1 person understands this better than a triple A game studio.

      1. To be fair, indie game devs probably knows quality of life for the little guy much more than a big ass company ever would, so it doesn’t surprise me…
        Not me excusing Nintendo for being Nintendo though, they really need to fix this garbage online of theirs.

      2. Because this online games can make exploits if cloud data its available whenever you want, and can oblitarate the gameplay at large term

      3. Exactly. Why not just limit the downloading of a AC save file to once a month. This way they prevent cheating but still allow people to use the service in an emergency.

      1. +Meh
        I mean, not to play Devil’s Advocate here, but it was during Iwata’s era that Nintendo took action against YouTubers and forcefully claim all the ad revenue. It wasn’t until new leadership that they finally backed off.
        Not that I’m trying to downplay Iwata, I still miss the guy, but you can’t say it was all good.

        1. +Infinite Ridley
          Nope, not even close. The Nintendo Partnership Program ended along with Content ID Claims at the beginning of 2019 which is long after Iwata’s passing. I actually was 1 of the people that was hit by it while he was at the helm.

        2. The reason they restrict it in games with trading is because of item duplication. If you can freely load earlier saves, you can just trade all your stuff to a friend, then load a backup where you still have all that stuff, and end up duping good items. The same could be done with pokemon, allowing duping of shinies and perfectly bred pokemon.

          It definitely can’t just have it enabled in exactly the same way as other games do because it’s pretty obvious just having a “dupe all my stuff” button in the game hurts a lot of the enjoyment and sense of achievement in most multiplayer games.

          There definitely are ways around it though, it’s just multiplayer games with trading would need a different system of cloud saves, like one that prevents trading offline and only allows you to load your most recent save (whenever you trade it also would update your cloud save so neither player would be able to load to before the trade occured, thus preventing duping).

          1. +xmrmeow
            Except there’s plenty of ways around that. For starters you could implement a system where any items handed to a friend cannot be given back until after a set time has gone by. Another way is to restrict how often a save can be restored, like say only allowing a restore once a month. The entire point to cloud backup is simply to create a safeguard if something happens to your system and if it was being used for that purpose, you wouldn’t need to use it it all that much.

            That’s what makes this overprotective nature so dumb, there’s plenty of ways to address it and yet Nintendo just takes the lazy route and just says no to cloud backups for certain games.

        3. Who cares if people want to cheat the game by using cloud saves to dup items? People did this kind of crap all the time with action replay and cheat codes.

          Don’t take a prominent feature away from everyone because of a small group who want to enjoy the game in a different way than intended.

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