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US: Nintendo is letting many of its employees work from home due to coronavirus

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Nintendo of America has confirmed to Kotaku that it is now letting many of its employees in the United States work from home as the coronavirus spreads. The company gave Kotaku the following statement regarding its position.

“Nintendo of America has taken the precautionary step to allow NOA employees in the states of California and Washington the opportunity to work from home. The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. We are continuing to closely monitor COVID-19 developments, and share our concerns and support for those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.”


31 thoughts on “US: Nintendo is letting many of its employees work from home due to coronavirus”

    1. Well Nintendo is still very worried about there employees and gamers everywhere. I hope this outbreak ends soon in the summer of 2020 but now it’s still spreading like wildfire.

    2. You mean they actually work? I thought they waited 5 years after they released a new game. So what currently are the devlopers of Luigi ‘s Mansion 3 doing now?

      1. The team behind LM3 was Next Level Games based in Canada, not NoA.
        Nintendo America has a lot of different jobs that I won’t pretend to know all of. The biggest two being marketing and localization.

          1. I think you’re misunderstanding their role. Nintendo America doesn’t make their own games. Their job is to market, showcase, and (most of the time) localize all of Nintendo’s games.
            They are the reason Zelda, or Animal Crossing, or Fire Emblem don’t come shipped in Japanese only, they translate them.
            So if Nintendo Japan only has one major release for the first half of the year then so does NoA.

              1. That’s believable. Look how spaced apart Luigi Mansion 2 is from LM3 and Pikmin 2 from Pikmin 3. And Donkey Kong Returns from Tropical Freeze. And Starfox Assult from Starfox Zero.
                That’s why there is no Direct they didnt make no games.

              2. “Nintendo Platform Technology Development make games for Nintendo and Hardwares”

                They’re a hardware development division, not software development. But more importantly, they aren’t in America. They’re in Japan….. very very separate from NOA which we were talking about.

                “So honestly they are charge with game announcements.”

                Being in charge of the announcements isn’t at all the same thing as decided what announcements will be made and when.

                1. Believe me if I made a game my goal will be to place at least 2 sequels on one generation console. I’m not going to wait 9 years then make a sequel. If Galaxy 1 and 2 had great quality and came our back to back what’s the reason why this cant happen today?

                  Speaking of games why isnt Mario Rapids 2 not started. If Mario Rabbids 2 debuted in Summet of 2018 and Ubisoft saw that at that time was one of Switch best selling 3rd party titles, why didnt they immediately start a sequel to keep momentum in revenue going? Why could had had a Mario Rabbids 2 this year had they immediately started the game 2 years ago. Bow who is wasting time?

                2. Had devlopers worked on Last of Us 2 immediately instead of not doing nothing the PS5 would had been on Last of Us 4 by now..

                  Let me guess the fans of Last of Us will have to wait another 8 years to play Last of Us 3. I know what that is like been waiting for Pikmin 4 for 7 years now. Yeah I know I’m going to have to pay $400 to play a Pikmin 4.

                3. I guess the Last of Us 3 will be for the PS6 in 10 years. These developers. What is the reason for not getting start on a sequel after seeing positive sells result. Now if the game flopped like W101, now that makes sense.

                  N64 had Banjo-kazooie, Tooie and DK64 and Conker Bad Fur Day and Diddy Kong Racing
                  All by Rare in the same generation console.

                  Playton immediately worked on Ukelele.2 in the same generation console and have way less money than Ubisoft, Nintendo and Rare.

                  So why cant Rare lazy selves make a Babjo-Threeie? Why cant Nintendo make a new DK game?

                  SNES had DK1, DK2, DK3 all in the same generation. So why Wii and Wii U only had one 2D DK game?

                  So it doesn’t mb make a difference coronavirus or not they not doing nothing anyway

                  It must be nice getting paid doing nothing

              3. Meanwhile we have an oompa loompa in the WH who says it’s okay to go to work if you actually have the virus, you’ll just “get better”.

                At least these people are smart and aren’t taking any chances. I hope this all goes away soon.

                1. Just listened to the clip. This isn’t accurate. He didn’t say it was ok. He said people do it, and recover without hospitalization or specialized medical care. He was talking about the level of impact the virus has on a person, not giving advice about safe practices.

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              5. If Microsoft doesnt want to put a Banjo-kazooie game on a Nintendo platform that’s fine but what are they doing with the franchise? Nothing.
                Xbox Series X could be a leader had they worked on a Threeie. All they got to do is collect all the orginal people who made Banjo-kazooie and make it for Xbox series X. And if it sells well immediately start Fourie.

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