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Video: Nintendo Minute do yet another Zelda: Breath Of The Wild challenge

Another Friday means the release of another new Nintendo Minute episode. This week, Kit and Krysta still have a desire to challenge themselves in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and for the 3rd time this year, that is the focus of the episode. The pair said in the video description that “we’re taking on a very fun challenge in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to see which is faster, running or riding a horse. It’s crazy to think that this game just turned three and there is still so much to do”. The official tweet for the new episode is down below.


    1. Because…. ? . It’s been a regular thing on MNN for as long as I can remember. It may not be the most popular thread for commenting, but it’s still interesting none the less. They did an article back along where they went hands on with the new switch lite ( first play and colour comparison etc ) and I thought that was ok, and they basically do some random stuff that’s sufficient to be put on the site.
      I would actually love it if a post come along; kit and Krista get first hands on experience with mp4.

      Anyway, they are obviously hardcore Nintendo fans and the post is there whether your interested or not.
      Not interested don’t ‘click on it’. If you are interested then ‘click on it’.
      You’ll probably just click on it anyway. Clickety click!

  1. “News” 😂 even the headline thinks this is boring. Do these posts actually get any clicks?

  2. This game proves my point. A sequel on the same generation console able to be purchased without buying a upgraded console. Why, because they actually worked on it immediately

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