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Pokemon Sword and Shield has been updated to version 1.1.1

A brand new update has been released for Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch just a few moments ago, which brings the game to version 1.1.1. Nintendo has also released the official patch notes for the update, but there isn’t much listed. The only thing Nintendo says is that they “fixed several issues to improve gameplay experience”. So, this update is just for fixing some bugs.



  1. omg are they actually fixing that autosave bug that ruins your other games? They better be, I ain’t migrating from Alola otherwise.

      1. It ruins your other downloadable games and makes you have to redownload them if autosaves are on. Haven’t you heard of that? There was a huge panic about it on release.

    1. You know there is a simple option to just turn it off? It’s a lot better than Alola so your loss

    2. The Autosave bug was confirmed to only happen if the person is using a bootleg SD Card so just make sure your SD Card is official and you’re good.

    3. That bug mostly affects knockoff and defective cards and anyone using hacks but a small number of normal cards can also be affected but it’s an isolated case though I am glad they fixed because I disabled the autosave regardless if the fact.

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