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Pokemon Home has been downloaded on mobile devices 2,300,000 times in its first 30 days of availability

Pokemon Home is available on mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. Sensor Tower, however, only reports on data for the former. For example, Sensor Tower looked at the first 30 days of Pokemon Home’s availability. According to Sensor Tower, Pokemon Home has been downloaded on mobile devices 2,300,000 times in its first month of availability, as well as $2,600,000 in consumer spending. It had been downloaded 1,300,000 times in its first week of availability. The largest potion of Pokemon Home installations on mobile devices come from the United States with 695,000 installs, which is 30.2% of overall installations. Japan is second at 446,000, which is 19.4%. The United States also did the most spending at 38.5% of the total, or $1,000,000. Once again, Japan was in second with $867,000. More than half of the installations happened in Pokemon Home’s first week of availability.

Sensor Tower also says that “the one-month Premium Plan ($2.99) has been the most popular, followed by the 12-month plan ($15.99) and the three-month plan ($4.99)”. Lastly, they provided information suggesting that a lot of subscribers who subscribed on day 1 for a monthly plan continued their subscriptions for another month, saying that “revenue doubled between March 11 and 12 (from $22,000 to $44,000), exactly one month after release”. You can see a chart with more information on Pokemon Home’s first month downloads down below.



    1. Kinda wish you could set whatever the sort you want as the default or at least set sorting by National by default but I digress.

      1. I agree. It’s like they are trying to combine Pokemon (Box System) with Pokemon GO. The box system worked perfectly. Why change it? Furthermore, why change it and not explain how the system works? I ended up with 20 named boxes + 20 named box labels that looked the same but had no correlation with each other.

  1. I can see why tpc doesn’t release a pokemon game with time and effort put into it when they can literally just make a pokemon storage and make over 2 million from it.

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