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The Outer Worlds for the Nintendo Switch launches 5th June


A revised date for the entertaining The Outer Worlds has been announced today for the Nintendo Switch system. You will be able to get your hands on a physical or digital copy of the game on 5th June. The retail version of The Outer Worlds comes on a physical cartridge, and it will be accompanied by a day one patch that could be up to 6GB.

This patch will optimise gameplay, provide additional hi-res textures, and include other fixes to provide the employees of Halcyon with the best gameplay experience. Please ensure you have planned accordingly and have available space necessary for the patch.

The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch will retail for EUR 59.99 / GBP 49.99 / AUD 89.99 digitally and physically.

Source: PR


  1. I guess I can play this through June and if I’m lucky I’m finished by the time Catherine Full Body comes out out month late :)

    1. Yeah seems like everything for the first half of this year is coming out within the space of two weeks in late May/early June. Pretty poor scheduling

  2. I hope it performs well. I have it on gamepass for PC but my laptop only supports low settings lol I’d rather pay to have the switch version if the game is optimized nicely.

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