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Minecraft Dungeons coming to Nintendo Switch on 26th May


The intriguing Minecraft Dungeons for the Nintendo Switch platform has been given a new release date today. You will be able to purchase the new take on the Minecraft franchise on the 26th May. Minecraft Dungeons features both single player and multiplayer action.

In Minecraft Dungeons, players are attempting to delve into different dungeon levels to fight the Arch-Illiger and rescue the villagers the villain captured along the way. You’ll be fully equipped with an array of weapons (and be able to find more) as you head further down into the depths and attempt to defeat the menace’s minions.


1 thought on “Minecraft Dungeons coming to Nintendo Switch on 26th May”

  1. It sure is nice of the devlopers of Minecraft to keep this franchise updated over the years….unlike Nintendo who makes a game and take 8 years to make another sequel.

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