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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will not include Xenoblade Chronicles 3D’s extra features

In 2015, Xenoblade Chronicles received a New Nintendo 3DS port. The port, called Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, contained new features that included a Collection mode and amiibo compatibility. Unfortunately, Nintendo has announced on their official Japanese website that these features will not be included in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, which is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on May 29th.


18 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will not include Xenoblade Chronicles 3D’s extra features”

      1. Came here to say this. Also, intentionally leaving out the amiibo support tells me that the amiibo brand is knocking on death’s door. It’s a shame as I would have loved some Xenoblade amiibo.

      2. other than minor features its superior to the 3ds version in every other quantifiable way, so yes, it is definitive.

        1. That’s not what “definitive” means. If this version were truely definitive I wouldn’t have any reason to keep my other versions other than collectability.

        2. Definitive means the superior version. And at the moment this version is significantly superior to the 3ds and wii version in literally every way other than amiibo support. So yeah theres no real reason to get the other versions if you have the switch verson.

        3. Definitive does not mean the superior version. While it may be true that it will likely be the best overall version, “definitive” means it includes everything. This version doesn’t have everything.

          Also, there are a lot of people out there who prefer the original character designs of the original Wii version. That may also be an area where the other versions shine over this one.

      3. That’s very disappointing. Since walking around to get coins would have been out of the question (no streetpass/spotpass on Switch), they could have just had the music & models unlock as you progressed through the game and heard the music/equipped the armor sets. Since we now know this, I wish we were getting an audio CD of all of the game’s music instead of what the collector’s set (works set here in the US) has. While I love the art, I’d rather have the music.

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      5. Thus this game should lose the “Definitive” label.

        This is like Hyrule Warriors. The 3DS version had more content than the Wii U and Switch.

      6. So obviously they didnt work on a sequel when this debuted on the Wii.
        I am so glad Frozebbyte owns Trine.
        I dont know what I would do if I had to wait 10 years to play Trine 2 after Trine.

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