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Cooking Mama: Cookstar developer completely denies rumours of Switch version mining cryptocurrency


You may have seen rumours circulating around social media that the latest Cooking Mama title Cooking Mama: Cookstar for the Nintendo Switch has been pulled as as it uses the Nintendo Switch system to mine for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 1st Playable, the team behind the game, has responded to this saying that these are fabricated rumours.

“As the developers, we can say with certainty there is no cryptocurrency or data collection or blockchain or anything else shady in the code. The Nintendo Switch is a very safe platform, with none of the data and privacy issues associated with some mobile and PC games.”

The news came because of the myserteous absence of the game which is supposed to have been released. It is no longer listed on Nintendo of America’s own website and has recently disappeared from the eShop. It appears that the game has only been released in North America thus far as UK retailer are listing the game with a 9th April release date. The mystery continues…


5 thoughts on “Cooking Mama: Cookstar developer completely denies rumours of Switch version mining cryptocurrency”

      1. That would still likely generate way, way less currency than just getting a single strong PC dedicated to it – while costing the developers a lot more.
        I mean, in this hypothetical scenario, the Switch consoles would not only have to generate the currency, but they would have to do so while the game was running – that is, while the game was actively using CPU and GPU. Not much power would actually be left for generating the currency. Not to mention that developing a video game like this costs the developer, at the very least, a few hundred thousands, maybe millions even, whereas buying just a single powerful PC would cost you a few tens of thousands at most.
        Lastly, Cooking Mama isn’t even that big of a series. If a developer ever really came up with a plan like this, it could only ever make the slightest bit of sense by at least putting the algorithm into a really popular game that millions of people will play simultaneously for months to come. Cooking Mama is not that game.
        This definitely isn’t more than just a conspiracy theory.

  1. Google says they are not collecting any data from anyone. I believe it because I always trust the accused. Why would they lie?

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