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Ubisoft sending out survey focusing on Switch and Mario + Rabbids

A number of people have reported that they have recently received an email from Ubisoft which contains a fifteen minute survey. The survey focusses on the Nintendo Switch and the company’s well-received Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Fingers crossed that this means that the team at Ubisoft are considering a sequel to the top selling video game. You can fill in the survey here.

14 thoughts on “Ubisoft sending out survey focusing on Switch and Mario + Rabbids”

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  2. Ubisoft is stupid. So you mean to tell me tall havemt even started the sequel and you wait nearly 3 years for a survey? So that means we have to wait 5 to 7 years. You know what forget it dont even start it. Because by the time they finish it will be an additional delay because another generation Nintendo console will come out.

    Had they started the Sequel immediately then they would had be surveying for a 3rd sequel. And why would they sit there see how it was the 1st best selling 3rd party game on the Switch for months and dumb enough not to even had gotten started on the game?
    Square Enix, and Platonic work on sequels immediately. They need to show Ubisoft, Retro Studios and Nintendo how their strategy on sequels.

  3. I took the survey. Had they asked me ways to improve, I would had told them” stop wasting time after finishing a game and immediately start on a sequel. I’m tired of having to pay $400 for a sequel because you devlopers were too lazy to make a sequel within the same generation console. Ubisoft didn’t even work on Rayman Legends 2 even though it would best on Wii U. Yall could had least made a sequel for the NX. Just as lazy as Retro. And as long as it takes Meteoid to be done, Reteo needs to start a sequel immediately.

  4. Games that need Sequels: Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Starfox Zero, Mario Super Strikers, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Banjo Tooie, Mario Rabbids, Tropical Freeze, Moving out 2, TLOU2, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Aninal Crossing. Yes I know some of these games just came out or in development but look how many years it is from the game before it. TLOU was on PS3 for Grunty’s sakes. So yes they need to get started on TLOU3. PS4 didn’t even get a sequel after the developers saw positive sells results nearly 5 years ago and just now starting the Sequel in PS5?

  5. Has Gamefreak worked on next Pokemon or they going to start that project in 3 years? Lazyfreak starting to drag on Pokemon games. Pokemon X and Y and Sun and Moon were on the same generation console. I’d like to see another Pokemin game that requires $60 to play rather than $400.

  6. Is it possible they’re going to start working on a new game with a different Nintendo IP? That would be interesting also and see where they’re going with a different style of game (please no party games with the rabbids- save that for Rayman Raving Rabbids)

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