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Superdata says Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold estimated 5 million digital units in March

Superdata estimates that Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch platform sold an estimated five million digital copies world-wide during the month of March. If it’s correct, then that would mean that the game has set a record for the most digital units in a single month.

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9 thoughts on “Superdata says Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold estimated 5 million digital units in March”

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  2. I’ve refrained from buying this at mo, but such a great game at a time when lots of people will have more time, due to being stuck at home. I just haven’t got the time for it at the moment and so much other stuff to play, but il get round to it eventually.
    Obviously the virus has had a massive impact on digital vs physical sales.

  3. i wish i could have got a physical copy but the virus had started to ravage the land the weekend it came out. I’m 56 with health issues already. Couldn’t take the chance so got it digitally

    1. I was lucky enough to buy a physical copy just one day before all Gamestops closed down in the US.

      They practiced shopper limits and social distancing inside the store the day I got it. Only 10 people allowed inside at any time and everyone must stay 6 feet apart. This was right before total US lockdowns went into effect.

      1. My Gamestop closed on the very day New Horizons released. They caused me to miss out on the free poster. But man, does the game ever get exciting? My game has really been getting boring. There’s only a few minutes of stuff to do each day (a repeated pattern of stuff). Even on Easter, the Easter Bunny never appeared in my game. Maybe because I was still in a tent. I’m not sure.

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