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The Adventures of Tintin announced for consoles

Microids and Moulinsart have announced that they are producing a brand new video game based on the excellent Tintin comics by Hergé. The game is in development for consoles and PC and will features a number of iconic characters who feature in the comics. Read on for the details:

“This new action-adventure game will transport the player into a whirlwind of incredible situations and suspense hand in hand with the legendary Tintin and Snowy characters. Other iconic characters will join the cast like the renowned captain Haddock, fond of fine whiskey and sophisticated slurs, the genius professor Calculus and the finest detectives Thomson & Thompson.

After navigating all seas, exploring numerous continents, doing some deep sea diving in a submarine and even walking on the Moon, the most famous reporter is ready for some brand new interactive adventures.”

Microids is proud to collaborate with Moulisart on this project as Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids comments further: 

We are extremely happy to work on this co-production! We have been willing to make this happen for quite some time. This announcement is the result of a creative process allowing us to define precisely how this project will take shape and the two companies will interact. This really is a dream come true for us. The adventures of Tintin transported millions of readers worldwide and this opportunity will allow us to put our talents at the service of one of the biggest creators of the 20th century and its inked hero: Our team members are fans of the famous reporter and will do their best to pay this franchise a vibrant homage. We can’t wait to kick-off this project!”

Nick Rodwell, Moulinsart’s director is also sharing his thoughts:

The upcoming PC and consoles video game inserts itself pretty well in the legacy of the most famous reporter’s adventures. Our ambition is to provide a mainstream audience with a fun and friendly game for everyone to enjoy. Microids is for us the ideal partner to bring to life this new Tintin’s adventure 

Source: Microids

11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tintin announced for consoles”

  1. Tintin…I think I saw a movie about this character once, and it was supposed to be a trilogy of cgi movies apparently. I wonder if that was true and what happened?

    1. I loved Tin Tin. He was so thin. That’s why I wanted Tooty to transform me and then I’d win. But that damn bear and bird caused me to fall from my Tower and on my shin.

  2. It’s actually a popular Belgium comic strip based in France. They did make a mocap (motion capture) movie based off it in 2011. I actually liked that movie, so I’m a little bit interested in this game.

  3. This will sell the most on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo fans are family oriented. We grew up on comics of amazing repute. Some weird though. This is another gem 💎 to our video game libraries.


  4. I remember the times when Tintin came out on the SNES and I never played it but always saw stuff in magazines that looked so interesting. Its generally always been such an interesting franchise, I’m glad that they stick with it as it’s sort of the Wes Anderson kind of game among video games. I mean not really, but somehow it feels just good to see Tintin returning to videogames once more

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