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Bloodstained: Zangetsu and Randomiser Mode coming soon

The Bloodstained team has published a new update on their Kickstarter page to announce that more content is coming soon to the 2D action platformer. Firstly, there’s a new character coming named Zangetsu who is obtained once you have completed the game and have gotten the “Good Ending.” The team says that Zangetsu “is not a shardbinder, so he does not use shards as Miriam did. Instead he uses the power of his sword to dispatch enemies along with some special abilities that consume MP.”

Playing Bloodstained as Zangetsu is designed to be a different experience than playing as Miriam with a focus on fast-paced combat. Consumables, equipment, crafting, treasure chests, quests and story cutscenes are disabled when playing as Zangetsu.

Secondly there is the Randomiser, which as the name suggests, allows you to change the game parameters to mix up your experience as you play through the main story. Users can adjust their “overall playthrough and quests, the location of save and warp rooms, shops, key items and also enemy drops.” Both of these new features will be available in the Nintendo Switch version by the end of May or the beginning of June.

You can read the full details on the Bloodstained Kickstarter page

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