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EA says that there will be “multiple titles” that are “set to launch on Switch this year”

EA‘s Q4 FY 2020 results conference call was held earlier today, where an interesting bit of information was shared. Gematsu has reported that they were told by EA that there would be “multiple titles” releasing on the Nintendo Switch later this year. Burnout Paradise Remastered has already been announced for Nintendo‘s console, so there are obviously some games that haven’t been announced yet. When they’re announced, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can see Gematsu’s tweet about the matter down below.

24 thoughts on “EA says that there will be “multiple titles” that are “set to launch on Switch this year””

  1. People might not realise this but they are too late now. Of every third party Capcom and EA screwed up most with Switch but when Switch sold Capcom at least jumped on it to throw ports. EA on the other hand continued to pretend it did not exist.

    After Bob Summerwill and Johan Anderson insulted Nintendo, EA must have felt pretty sure Nintendo could not survive without them but they were wrong. Wii U’s failure was not down to EA but EA’s massive ego and arrogance really convinced them they were. No EA. You are not powerful enough for that. You did not help Wii U but you did not kill it solely. People are not going to buy your games after you willingly snubbed them for over 3 years. Let this be a lesson to you. Never insult a console manufacturer or their fanbase.

    1. The majority of people dont care and arent loyalist fanboys. Mo one care that EA didn’t support the WIIU, if they put compelling titles on the switch theyll sell. Its thats simple, and its not an insult to not support the dying ship that was the wiiu. For all the dumb bullshit EA does they 100% made the right choice to not waste resource where there was no profit to be made

      1. It is an insult to say

        “WE (the developers) chose not to port Frostbite 3 because we did not have expected results with Frostbite 2”


        “Wii U is beep. Less powerful than 360. Poor online/store. Nintendo are walking dead at this point. It was an utterly intentional decision to focus our resources on markets which actually matter”.

        Seriously, who are they? What great games have they made this gen? Nothing like Breath of the Wild and Odyssey. These statements are flat out arrogant. The reason Switch owners will not buy their games is because they are too late to get money out of the fanbase. They did not care about Switch owners so Switch owners will not care about them.

        1. Respawn made Titanfall 1 and 2 under the EA banner (some of the greatest shooters of all time) and Jedi Fallen Order which was a pretty great Star Wars game. Not defending EA, but they do make decent games as long as they’re not rushed to hard (which is the usual EA problem).

      2. It’s not really about even that.
        The “non-loyalists” probably already played the games they now decide to port elsewhere.
        Also, since they are porting games late, there will be close to no marketing for them.
        I am not a loyalist to any direction, but EA has not made a game that tickles me since Dead Space 2.
        Last Battlefield game I loved was Bad Company 2.
        So to me, doesn’t really matter what trash EA puts on.

  2. I would dip again into titanfall one if it came to switch, those changed shooters for me the way that goldeneye did on the 64. Im not a big fan of EA, but more (QUALITY) ports/games isn’t a bad thing. Let the consumers decide if they will buy them, not the loyalists.

    1. Yeah, few shooters have impressed me as much as Goldeneye 64 and Titanfall. Halo and Medal of Honor should obviously be mentioned, but man Titanfall 2’s story is one of the best things ever made.

    2. It is not a loyalist hatred thing against them. I fully believe that Switch owners see EA for what they are. Pretending they always loved the Switch when Unravel Two came much later compared to the others and Burnout Paradise took this long to get here.

      Even if you consider that including Switch in development for Unravel Two would have thrown off the planned E3 release date I find it very, very hard to believe Burnout Paradise could not have come September 2018. There was more than enough time to see Switch was successful long before then.

      1. The average switch owner doesn’t “see EA for what they are. ” because the average person doesn’t care. Switch owner aren’t some special breed of gamer, they’re just like every other consumer on every other platform. No reasonable person is gonna look at an interesting title and say ” well I would buy this but they didn’t support the wiiu so fuck them”. Who actually makes decisions like other than loyalist fanboys?

      2. Bryan Mo

        No they are not. That is why EA did not support Wii U. Because they are not like 360 and PS3 owners. Wii U owners expected parity with Mass Effect and FIFA and told EA where to stuff their shoddy ports and EA boycotted the system because their tactics did not come off.

        Wii U and Vita owners were a lot harder to take advantage of. They do not bend over and put up with whatever a company tells them to. That is why Wii U and Vita had no AAA support because the companies saw their shady practices did not work there. Switch owners might put up with more but they will still not bend over for MTX.

      3. Are you high? They didn’t support the Wiiu because it was a commercial failure just like almost every other developer they kept there distance from the sinking ship. Stop with insane narrative that they were somehow scared of the superior intellect of the Nintendo fanbase.

        I really hope people don’t need to hear this but , LIKING NINTENDO DOESNT MAKE YOU SPECIAL YOURE JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

      4. The majority of the Switch demographic is composed of people who bought Vita and Wii U. The same Vita owners that were promised a proper PS3 level Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty that turned out to be total cash grabbing knock offs. The same Wii U owners that were told to buy the last in a trilogy at a premium price while everybody else got the full package at a discounted price.

        The Switch’s primary playerbase are previou/current Wii U and Vita owners.

      5. “The majority of the Switch demographic is composed of people who bought Vita and Wii U.”
        You have ZERO evidence to support this, you’re literally making bullshit up. What is your ACTUAL proof since you seem pretty sure on that total lie?

      6. I already told you. The sales of the games and the games the system is getting. The games and companies that are successful on Switch are exactly the same as those that were successful on Wii U and Vita. Therefore the player base, not the people who use Switch as a secondary, is the same exact group.

        You dismissing it as BS or just ignoring it because you thought you were on to something does not make it false. Switch owners will not put up with the same garbage business practices that PS4 and Xbox One users do.

  3. I just want to see a tiger woods golf game ported over to switch. I think a golf game would be a great fit.

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