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(Update: Now unconfirmed) Ninjala will get a second beta testing session

Update: Now unconfirmed.

You may have heard that the free-to-play online Nintendo Switch exclusive Ninjala has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. To compensate for this, the team has announced that they plan to hold a second beta test. Those of you who tried the first beta test will know things didn’t go completely to plan as the servers kept being turned on and off. Anyway, we shall keep you updated once we hear what the new date is for the beta. Ninjala will now arrive on 25th June.


3 thoughts on “(Update: Now unconfirmed) Ninjala will get a second beta testing session”

  1. Let’s hope the servers are better this time round after that last stress test pushed them to the limit. The couple matches I managed to get into last time were great, gameplay was fun and it seemed like it was pretty well finished and bugless.

  2. Hopefully they do go through with a second round of beta tests, and I’m even more hopeful that they’ve ironed out the kinks with the servers this time- sometimes I’d be in a full lobby for several minutes but the game would refuse to start a match and just boot everyone.

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