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The next Tour in Mario Kart Tour is The Jungle Tour

Nintendo has announced today that the next stop for its popular mobile title Mario Kart Tour will be The Jungle Tour which will begins today at 11pm PT. The company hasn’t announced who the special character is this time, but many hope that it will Funky Kong. We shall have to wait and see! The Jungle Tour will be available early tomorrow in the United Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “The next Tour in Mario Kart Tour is The Jungle Tour”

  1. I’m (and always have been) one of the biggest MK fans out there. I have put thousands of hours into this franchise and yet, I still don’t get this game. It barely rewards your hability, controls are not great and winning the race is not even important!

    I think it’s high time we received some major Mario Kart news, because (although great) MK 8 deluxe has gotten quite old and personaly, after more than 300 (without counting the wii u) I’m no longer excited to play it.

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