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Suda51 wants Grasshopper Manufacture’s older games on Nintendo Switch

Suda51 is a big fan of the Nintendo Switch and is currently hard at work on the long-awaited next entry in the No More Heroes franchise, No More Heroes 3. Speaking on a stream he said that he would love to bring some of Grasshopper Manufacture’s older titles to the hybrid system. However, he acknowledged that while he would like to see them appear on the platform, it is really up to the respective publishers.

“First off, Silver Case – that’s one game that he would love to release on the Switch. There have been discussions about it. At the moment, there’s nothing really concrete that he can say, but there’ve definitely been discussions about it, and he’s doing what he can to make that a reality.

As for other games – Killer7, put simply that’s pretty much up to Capcom. There’s not really a whole lot that Grasshopper can do about that, so again that’s pretty much in Capcom’s hands.

For Killer is Dead, that’s something that he would have to discuss thoroughly with Kadokawa Games. Different parts of the rights are kind of split up on that one.

But yeah, those are all titles that he would like to see come out on the Switch if possible. I guess right now, possibly the most realistic of those would be The Silver Case.”


7 thoughts on “Suda51 wants Grasshopper Manufacture’s older games on Nintendo Switch”

  1. Never heard of any of those games but sure why not. the only game I ever played by them is Travis strikes back, recently released, and that game was just strange tbh. I havent gone back to finish that one.

    1. That was literally the worst Suda 51 game you could have started with. The original No More Heroes is one of my favorite games of all time, and I didn’t like Travis Strikes Again.

      1. Yea I figured lol I know ppl love the series so I knew that game couldn’t have been the reason why lol i would like to see the series ported to switch which is probably the only way I’ll be able to play them.

  2. Wow that really suck about Killer 7, I’d buy that game for switch in a heartbeat.

    Killer 7 is like some mushroom trip of a video game, but it’s interesting and very unique in style. The game play is different but enjoyable once you get the hang of combat.

    Yah Killer 7 is dooope.

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