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2K Games: “We really want to keep releasing games for Nintendo Switch moving forward”

2K chief creative officer Sami Thessman recently had the chance to speak to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu about the company’s future output. The publication was especially interested to hear what 2K Games has planned for the Nintendo Switch system and their current relationship with the Kyoto-based company. Here’s what Mr. Thessman had to say:

I can’t tell you all about our business strategies, but what I can say is we at 2K consider our relationship with Nintendo to be extremely important. We really want to keep releasing games for Nintendo Switch moving forward.”



    1. Well yeah. It’s an industry, everyone wants the money. No ones doing this out of the goodness of their heart.

      1. Its frankly weird that people have an expectation of anything different. When you go to a restaurant and someone serves you food, do you think to yourself “I bet that person’s just doing this for the MONEY!”

      2. You are a moron! There are many developers/companies that don’t make games just for the money.

  1. I am all for 2k games on switch. 2 of my favorites are arriving on the system in just a week or so. Take my money!


  2. Make them less than 40gb and we’ll talk. I bought nba2k20 and as soon as I saw it was a 44gb install…. *Uninstalled*

  3. Saints row 3 is scratching my open world crime game itch since gta 5 and watch dogs don’t exist on Nintendo switch.

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