The “huge scoop” for SEGA is Fog Gaming a cloud gaming service for arcades

The “huge scoop” from Famitsu is a new cloud gaming service for Japanese arcades which SEGA is currently working on under the resource and development development division. It is called Fog Gaming and could be revolutionary for the arcade industry. Here’s what we know so far:

Fog Gaming would repurpose arcades across Japan as part of the cloud, as well as channel arcade game machines’ CPUs and GPUs, resulting in lower costs. This would provide ultra low latency, and the concept is similar to fog computing. Players would be able to enjoy high-quality games, and arcades would be able to make money even after business hours.


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  1. Oh, probably a few disappointed people out there that thought it was gonna be a new console. I guess it’s big news in Japan where arcades are still popular but not too much interested for anyone else.

    1. I didn’t even think it was going to be a new console I came in with low expectations because it’s sega, it sucks those clickbait articles on other sites tried to hype this up as something even bigger than the ps5 reveal, because they sure did upset alot of people, after the micro reveal.

    1. They’re one of the largest video game developers. They most definitely COULD enter the console market they certainly have the resources and income.. Although if anyone actually thought that thats what the news was they’re high.

      1. 1) I never said a console would happen
        2) Stadia isn’t a console
        3) stadia didn’t fail because of Google size
        or lack there of. It failed because it was a terrible service that Google stapled together with no support.

        Again anyone who though they were going to try to get back into consoles is crazy, BUT Sega definitely could if they wanted to, there’s just no room in the market for it and just because they could do it doesn’t mean it would be a success.

      2. Stadia was just the most recent example. There will never be room for a 4th dedicated games console… Especially with smartphones and PC’s also being alternatives.

    2. Depends on what you mean by “console”. They couldn’t produce something to be competitive at the higher tier, but the console market is much bigger than three consoles. The Polymega is a console. The Atari VCS is a console.

      Now I wouldn’t suggest Sega pursue a niche uncompetitive console as a business, but having lived through the 32x, the sega cd, the launch of the saturn, and online gaming on the Dreamcast, I would absolutely not put it past Sega to do.

  2. The only reason people even considered it being a new console was because the journalist hyped it up to be PS5-level of excitement. There’s no reason at all to assume Sega would be making a new games console… Especially when just a few years ago people were pushing hard for Nintendo to go software-only.

    1. I find it really interesting that whenever a Nintendo product performs poorly, pundits everywhere suggest going third party. Whenever Sony or Microsoft have a bad product or a few bad years however, nobody ever has the idea that they should get out of the business.

  3. Please convince Sega to port sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, shadow the hedgehog, and sonic riders to Nintendo switch. #SonicAdventure

  4. As far as the actual article goes, sounds interesting, anything that keeps arcades going is good. Wish I understood it better though, I think it means customers can access the machines from home pc?

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