Japan: Nintendo applies for new trademarks including Game Boy Advance and Wii U

Nintendo has recently filed for seven new trademarks in Japan sparking speculation. These trademarks were applied for on 12th May 2020 and were published today 8th June 2020 and include Game Boy Advance and Wii U. Game Boy Advance games have long been rumoured to be next on the list of Virtual Console games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. As always we shall have to wait and see whether these trademarks amount to anything new.

  • ペーパーマリオ オリガミキング (商願2020-58981)
  • Paper Mario The Origami King (商願2020-58982)
  • Mii (商願2020-58983)
  • EXCITE TRUCK (商願2020-58984)
  • WAVEBIRD (商願2020-58985)
  • GAME BOY ADVANCE (商願2020-58986)
  • Wii U (商願2020-58987)

The one Japanese name (ペーパーマリオ オリガミキング) is for Paper Mario: The Origami King. The Game Boy Advance and Wii U applications are under the categories machinery and equipment and toys with the Wii U also being under education/entertainment. Both Paper Mario applications and Excite Truck are under the machinery and equipment category, Wavebird is under toys, and Mii is under both machinery and equipment and education/entertainment.

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  1. I want the sonic advance trilogy and sonic battle to be ported to Nintendo switch. Sega needs to work out their copyright issues with THQ so it can happen. #SonicAdvance #SonicBattle

    1. There would be no point it would literally have to be way lower price than the switch, or Wii u to justify it being good maybe some where of being ($199-$200) , considering that majority of the games that would be on mini are already available on switch

    2. There’s no way they would do that, and most of the good games are ported to Switch already anyways. The only reason why we got NES and SNES minis is because it was appealing to people who normally don’t buy consoles but are nostalgic for old games.

      1. The Switch is in no way a Wii U, except of course if you’re talking about the Wii U ports. Concept-wise the fact that the Switch is using one screen vs two on the Wii U using the GamePad, makes a big difference.

  2. Gimme a GBA Classic and I’ll get 3 at least, no matter the games. I love that machine.
    Gimme also the GBA app on the Switch pls.

        1. You call 75 million units sold a failure? Sure, it may be the lowest-selling FAMILY of handheld systems, but with numbers like that, it wasn’t a failure by any means. It might have been a totally different story had its huge initial price drop not happened, though- its initial asking price and lack of strong launch games were a double-whammy.

          You want the *real* lowest-selling handheld? Try the Virtual Boy, which didn’t even break one million units. And yes, it was marketed as a handheld/portable system.

  3. Game Boy Advanced Classic? Should they also do four versions with different games? Personally, I don’t think so. But either way, I’d keep one of those in my pocket.

    1. SEGA’s use of that approach for their Game Gear Minis is why I think they’re going to be dead on arrival. Didn’t the asking price equate to somewhere around 45 in US dollars?

      $45 x 4 = $180. For twelve two-decades-old games. On a unit only a dwarf could comfortably play.

      Yeah my expectations are very low.

    1. Hmmmmm Nintendo is up to something, something big, something mean, something groundbreaking, something earth shattering, something secret, something special.

      Something I don’t know what it is yet but I will find out or my name ain’t Gruntilda the Witch

  4. It always starts with a trademark…..

    Interesting, because those two systems had their source codes leaked (the Wii U sure, but not so sure about the GBA)

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