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The new Metal Slug game confirmed for 2020

SNK Interactive has confirmed that they are aiming to release the new Metal Slug game this year for consoles. Siliconera reports that it will naturally be a “run-and-gun sidescrolling shooter like previous games in the series.” The game was announced a while back but it’s only now that we have heard they are targeting the game for release this year. SNK Interactive also confirmed that there’s a new Metal Slug smartphone game in the works.



  1. Oh crap! The series is well-known for beyond amazing spritework. I’m curious to see if they’ll keep it up or go 3D.
    Hopefully not Contra 3D…

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  2. Ahhhhhhhh yea boi, finally a new MS that isnt phone shit! I am fine if its the same graphics they have used for the last 7 games, but I would also love to see one entry done with classic 2D SNK KoF style sprite work.


  3. Still calling it now, the Metal Slug crew is planned to be a DLC fighter for Smash. The lack of any MS content besides some music getting released with Terry, Modern SNK really wanting to push its IP, MS being the most popular SNK franchise outside of their fighters and now a new release this year makes me all the more positive.

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