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Konami cancels Hyper Sports R for Nintendo Switch

Konami has announced this afternoon that they have decided to cancel their intriguing sports title built for the Nintendo Switch which was titled Hyper Sport R. The game was revealed by the company back in June 2018. A message on the game’s official website doesn’t really pin down why the game was canceled, though they do state that the decision was based on “various circumstances.”

“As of today, we have decided to discontinue development on “HYPER SPORTS R” for the Nintendo Switch.
The team had been continually working on the game since its initial reveal in June 2018. However, after much consideration, we have decided to cancel its development due to various circumstances.

We deeply apologize to all our valued customers who have been patiently anticipating the release of this game for this significant inconvenience.

We hope that you will continually enjoy our products and services.”


5 thoughts on “Konami cancels Hyper Sports R for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Oh I was looking forward to this and still had it on preorder somewhere, had totally forgotten about it though as it hadn’t been mentioned since it was announced. Disappointing but as it’s Konami involved I shouldn’t be too surprised. Maybe it’ll end up as a pachinko machine

  2. Good they canceled this trash title because nobody was going to buy it,and it was going to be a waste of money,its baffles me that a company that used to be amongst the best in the world,failed to capitalize on the success of the Ps4 and especially the Switch by releasing the MGS games and MG Rising and other top games released prior on the Xbox 360 and ps3 what a shame how the mighty of fallen

  3. I seriously was not wanting this game. It looked and felt like one of those high end shovel ware titles.


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