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Nintendo shares more Paper Mario: The Origami King details for Switch

In a new trailer released today, Nintendo peeled back additional layers about the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King game, launching on July 17 for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The trailer can be viewed by visiting

King Olly has moved Peach’s Castle in his devious plot to fold the world! Luckily, Mario’s ability to wield mighty paper techniques will put a crinkle in those plans. Mario’s journey to untie the massive streamers binding the castle will lead him through vast regions full of surprises. He’ll visit underground sewers, raging rapids, an ancient ruin, a ninja-filled mansion and a lively desert oasis that will quench anyone’s thirst for excitement.

A cast of off-the-wall characters adds an extra dimension to the expedition, too. There’s a Bob-omb who’s lost his memory, the Toad professor of ancient history, and Kamek, the Magikoopa who’s always got something up his sleeve. Mario will find assistance along the way from friends like Olivia, the good-natured sister of King Olly, and even Bowser himself. Some of these unlikely allies might help out in a battle when needed!

Paper Mario: The Origami King delivers new ring-based battles that require strategy and quick thinking to line up enemies and execute well-timed attacks to maximize damage. It’ll take a sharp mind to determine when to stomp enemies with Mario’s boots, when to whack ‘em with a hammer and when to strategically use items to heal or attack.

An audience of cheering Toads are ready to pitch in with a variety of helpful battle aids, just in case Mario starts to fold under pressure. Mario will also face some of his most intimidating foes in showdowns against the Legion of Stationery, bosses themed around stationery like colored pencils, sticky tape and rubber bands. These enemies may look innocent, but take note: They can really supply a challenge, so be sure to take care of business!

When Mario’s not duking it out in the ring, he can investigate suspicious spots to uncover hidden items, toss confetti to repair holes in the landscape, discover loads of Toads hiding in the scenery, play mini-games to earn in-game rewards, and revel in an abundance of secrets and treasures.

On July 17, join Mario, Olivia and their companions on a comedy-filled adventure as you try to stop the origami menace.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is now available for pre-order at select retailers at a suggested retail price of $59.99 and available for pre-purchase in Nintendo eShop and on To learn more information about the game, visit

Source: Nintendo of America

27 thoughts on “Nintendo shares more Paper Mario: The Origami King details for Switch”

  1. No we know why the bob- didn’t have a name haha he forgot it. Glad to see unique partners make a comeback

  2. Do we still not know if this has experience points and levels?

    I like the throwback to the SMB1 instruction manual with the toads transformed into random things. For those who haven’t read the instruction manual from 1985, originally, all the blocks n’ whatnot in the game were supposed to be toads that Bowser transformed into objects.

  3. To all those whi are going to start whining about the battle system with partners. there is a japanese trailer of the game. Game xplain has it on youtube. Olyvia can transform into the giant turtle boss and help you in battles. this is amazing. If you want 1000 year door, then go buy a game cube and play 1000 year door. THIS IS A DIFFERENT GAME. you complain that NSMBU DELUXE was just the same old stuff and you want something new. We get something new from paper mario. and you say but it is not the same old like 1000 year door. So which is it? you cannot have it both ways. if you want 1000 year door, play it on the Game cube!!!

    1. ……. So are you actually making the claim that if you ever want a new game at all, you can’t criticize any new game ever? Because that’s definitely the impression you’re giving.

    2. Dude, what the hell is your deal?

      You’re shitting on people for caring about Thousand-Year Door? Just because a lesser (but not atrocious) sequel does something YOU like, doesn’t mean a franchise should stay that way, especially when there are so many ways that it can return to the spirit of TYD, such as partners like unused Mario enemy types, characters from previous games, and unused characters from previous games, etc. Also, the possibility of having partners use team-up abilities, or DLC partners from previous games.

      There’s still so much room to expand after TYD.

    3. You just don’t like negativity (people complaining about things, even when they look like a polished product), even when its partially justified.

    4. I did buy TTYD used about 5 years ago and played for the first time. Don’t know how I missed it during the GCN years.

      But yeah, I’ve already done what you said and I still want a Paper Mario like the first two games. I still enjoyed SPM. I enjoyed Color Splash. I’ll probably enjoy this new one.

      But I REALLY would enjoy a return to storybook theme vs literal paper and crafts theme.

      1. “But I REALLY would enjoy a return to storybook theme vs literal paper and crafts theme.”

        Its entirely subjective, but I’m very tired of the “material” themes. Yarn Kirby, Wool Yoshi, etc.

  4. Every time any PM game is shown, it’s never enough. It seems like some people want it to be exactly like TTYD? How can it be new? If that’s how you feel, then don’t complain when they don’t change a game series.

  5. @cronatose. so let me get this straight , you do not want games to be formulatic like NSMBU DELUXE. BUT you do want paper mario to be formulatic. got it. boy the mental gymnastics on this are epic. thanks for clearing that up , champ. DDDDUUHHHHH!!!

  6. Looking at some commentaries, I’m convinced people actually want a carbon copy of TYD. Nothing less will suffice.

    And I’m glad Nintendo isn’t going that route. Specially since this Paper Mario is returning to the classic form but still adding new things.

    1. Ok, so do we know that they’re returning to the classic form? xp and levels? I just haven’t caught anywhere that’s confirmed. I like this ring system idea, I really do. I’m just not big on collectible (and sometime consumable) items in place of an rpg progression system.

      1. I don’t think it’s confirmed there is XP yet. If I had to guess, defeating enemies yields coins and confetti. This… could be an issue because, well… what motivation is there to engage in battles if there is no real reward? I guess it’ll depend on if it’s actually confetti and how much you actually use to patch the overworld. Of course, then you gotta wonder what filling holes in with confetti actually awards you… just more coins maybe?

        Honestly, seems like a fun game as long as they don’t fall into that cycle again of “battles are ultimately pointless and just filler”.

  7. @comfortfoodgames poor baby did mommie give you a bottle? a ” grown man” living in his mommie’s basement and crying about paper mario or not all pokemon in sword and shield. that is what grown men do? be proud of being a grown man who acts like a five year old. when they do not get thier way.. Wwaaa Paper mario does not have this or that. wwwaaaaaahhhh. yeah be proud of acting like that. how childish and pathetic. I am a grown woman. I do not care what changes they bring to paper mario. I am buying it on day one. I am done talking to small children. keep crying over a video game like all “REAL ADULTS” do. what a joke..

  8. This game looks good but I worry about the battle system. If battles sort of end up being more like a puzzle that has only one solution then it might get old quickly… AND if you can still easily complete battles when you don’t spin/slide the wheel in the optimal way, then it just becomes too easy. And if your only incentive to perform “perfect” battles is just more coins (and no exp or anything) then… what is the incentive really? A player really needs to feel like there is a net reward from engaging in the battle system.

    On a side note… I’ve been thinking more and more about fans of the older Paper Mario games and what they feel like is missing from these new games. I don’t think it’s nostalgia because, imo, Super Paper Mario still had that X factor people seem to be missing and it was an action platformer mostly.

    What I’m thinking is people miss the “story”, or rather the type of story. The older Paper Mario games added more depth to the characters. It kinda humanized them more. All goombas WEREN’T evil and enemies. Or koopas. Or other baddies. It’s good to show that “not ALL X are bad”. And we got Mario characters with relatable insecurities. We got Peach not being completely helpless in captivity. Growth of side characters. Etc etc. And the real trick was this was perfectly balanced with humor and a bit of goofiness.

    The Paper Mario games now are… not relatable. They are still goofy, creative, and humorous but… ok, all Mario bad guys are bad guys and Toads need rescuing and everyone is made out of paper and has to worry about paper problems now like getting crumpled or taped to stuff or rearranging their bodies to form overworld structures. And… I don’t think we’ll get back to having characters with relatable feelings as long as they are all still very literally made of Paper and have to worry about paper problems.

    idk… this is just my thoughts on the matter. This might only apply to me.

      1. I get the feeling it’ll just be confetti or upgrades to your confetti bag (similar to the upgrades of paint hammer capacity in Color Splash). *sigh* And I guess that’s at least something to trick the player into thinking there’s player growth but… Eh idk. We have to wait and see.

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