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Latest EDGE review scores

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The latest edition of stringent UK video games magazine EDGE is now available and it contains reviews for a couple of big titles some of you will have been looking forward to. Sony’s long-awaited The Last of Us: Part II is the highest scoring game in this month’s edition of EDGE scoring a 9/10 and Microsoft and Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons, which is a fun game and available now on Nintendo Switch eShop, was given 5/10. Here’s the latest review scores from EDGE magazine:

  • The Last of Us Part II – 9
  • Crucible – 6
  • Minecraft Dungeons – 5
  • Song of Horror – 7
  • If Found – 8
  • Signs of Sojourner – 9
  • Winding Worlds – 6
  • The Procession to Cavalry -7
  • Maneater – 5


7 thoughts on “Latest EDGE review scores”

  1. “Microsoft and Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons”
    So a game rated 5/10 is fun according to the Half Wits at MNN ,so why I dont take you clowns seriously, oh and y’all can delete my freedom of speech and opinion like u usually do

    1. “y’all can delete my freedom of speech and opinion like u usually do”
      You don’t have “freedom of speech ” on someone’s privately owned and ran website.

      Also “Freedom of speech” protects you from prosecution, it isnt “Hey i can say whatever i want with zero ramifications”

    2. Seems like your causing a scene for no reason a game can still be average and be technically fun, same goes for bad games, I think your forgetting that people will always have different taste and views on video games, besides edge was the one who gave the review score not My Nintendo what point are you trying to make here lol

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  3. I’m numb to the praise Naughty Dog gets.
    Their games are perfectly fine, but I’ve never seen them as masterpieces. I’ll wait until TLOU2 is $20-30 in a couple months.

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