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Free to play Nintendo Switch game Ninjala will offer paid single-player DLC

Ninjala seems like it is shaping up well judging from the two open betas developer GungHo has held. The betas centred around the game’s super fun multiplayer mode, which is the main game mode. However, the company has announced that Ninjala will feature a single player mode for those who get tired with multiplayer. Unlike the main part of the game the single player mode will not be free-to-play and will come in the form of downloadable content. In Japan the optional DLC will cost players 1100 yen (around $10) but initially it will retail for 495 Yen ($4.60). While the single player content has yet to be detailed, we shall hear more in due course. Ninjala launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Wednesday, 24th June and the single player content will apparently arrive the following day.

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