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Rumour: YouTuber claims SEGA is developing Super Monkey Ball 3

A YouTuber by the name of Nick Robinson claims that SEGA is busy developing a new entry in the beloved Super Monkey Ball series and that this won’t be a spin-off but the long-awaited Super Monkey Ball 3. He learnt this information in a recent interview with Brian Matt, who is the announcer for older Super Monkey Ball video games. The YouTuber says that the voice actor is currently under a non disclosure agreement (NDA) and at 7:14 in the video he tries to dance around questions. Whether it is or isn’t happening remains to be seen.


8 thoughts on “Rumour: YouTuber claims SEGA is developing Super Monkey Ball 3”

  1. So Banana Blitz, Touch & Roll, Step 7 Roll, none of those were considered Monkey Ball 3? I can see why Adventure wasn’t/would never be- it focused more on being an open-world exploration-based game, and as we all know it didn’t exactly work out (decent soundtrack, at least- I loved the theme for Moonhaven).

    If this is legit and plays like the first two games on GameCube, then I’m hella excited!

  2. Why is my nintendo news giving Nick Robinson, a person who was fired from Polygon for sexual harassment, extra attention?

  3. Aiai is better than big the cat. I am disappointed that Amy rose chose omochao and big instead of cream the rabbit and Aiai on team sonic racing.

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