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Big Pokemon presentation happening Wednesday 24th June

The Pokemon Company held a special presentation today and one of the announcements was that there would be a further Pokemon Direct presentation taking place next Wednesday on 24th June. The company stated that they have something big to show gamers, though no hints were mentioned as to what to expect.

17 thoughts on “Big Pokemon presentation happening Wednesday 24th June”

  1. I need to know the version exclusive legendaries for crowned tundra. I hope Avery stays out of it because I like Klara better. I’m worried shield will get another non waifu character again like Avery.

      1. He’s part of the anti Avery cult. They have desire for Klara but regret for buying shield. They can’t bring themselves to appreciate Avery. They have feelings of disappointment that cream the rabbit fans felt when omochao replaced her on team sonic racing.

  2. Hoping for a new Mystery Dungeon game, since I actually tend to enjoy those more than the mainline games :P

  3. In the background of the presentation, almost every plushie was a gen 2 Pokémon (all of the starters, both cover legendaries, the two johto eeveelutions, etc.) so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for sinnoh remakes. It seems like they might be hinting at gen 2 Let’s Go games.

  4. Square Enix is good at making RPGs, I wish Gamefreak would let them work on their next generation Pokemon. I want that difficulty back likening Bravely Default series. If whatever the next generation Pokemon is, they need it as difficult as Bravely Default II demo.

    Or who ever is the devloper of Pokemon Coliseum. That was the hardest Pokemin tittle I ever played and one of my favorites. Gamefreak lost their touch in making a game hard.
    Coliseum also had ESP share but the player needed it because every opponent was always about 7 to 10 levels higher. It was HARD!!!

    1. if you’ve ever found any pokemon game to be hard then I have some bad news for you; you are terrible at gaming. Like seriously bad, I beat Pokemon Coliseum in 6 hours, never lost a single match, payed 60$ for that game back in the day, felt ripped off, because of how little there was to do in it. The only good thing about that game were the animations, and I guess the concept of shadow pokemon was sort of interesting, but not really, because it massively limited what was available to catch in the game. That might not have been as much of a problem if I’d had a gameboy to transfer over pokemon into it, but I didn’t so it was the lightest pokemon game content wise that I’ve played. Wait. I take that back, Pokemon battle revolution has that title.

      Back to the point, no Pokemon game I’ve ever played has ever been in any way difficult. I’ve always believed the franchise to represent the more casual side of RPGs, but that’s just me. Then again, I have trouble finding challenging games in general. Still, Pokemon is easy, well the PVE side of things anyway. If you want a real challenge in these games play competitive. PVP is where it’s at, I promise you will find the challenge you seek and then some, and it’s never been less grindy to enter so it’s the best time to give it a try.

      I Own Pokemon Shield and I love the game, didn’t really care about the story (went in expecting it to be mind numbingly easy), rushed it so I could unlock the battle tower and get to the good stuff so the EXP share was much appreciated and the EXP candy; sped up the barrier to entry significantly. I love the game honestly, have put nearly 300hrs into it, completing the pokedex, doing max raids, catching shiny pokemon, building out teams, and of course playing tons of battles against other players rather on ranked or link battles. Very fun spend at least a couple hours a day playing most days. I like to make non meta teams work and do crazy builds. Try getting to masterball rank or above and then tell me the game is easy and for toddlers, promise you’ll never make it if you thought Coliseum was hard. I on the other hand get up there every season. You spend to much time expecting AI to be a good opponent, but they can never match playing your fellow humans.

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