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New Pokemon Snap coming to Nintendo Switch

Update: New Pokemon Snap is being developed by Bandai Namco.

The Pokemon Company announced today that they have been hard at work reimagining the classic Nintendo 64 title Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. The new game is titled New Pokemon Snap and allows you to explore beautiful islands full of Pokemon and take photos of them. The company didn’t announce a release window but said it is being worked on. Check out the New Pokemon Snap trailer below!

17 thoughts on “New Pokemon Snap coming to Nintendo Switch”

  1. Eh, not to be pedantic but the headline is a bit…off. You make it sound like this is a remake/rerelease of the original when it’s actually a brand new game.

  2. It sounds boring to me. You just walking around taking pictures of Pokemon. You can do that on Sword and Shield. But hey if yall like it that’s great to will kick PS5’s software sales.

    1. You’d understand it a lot better if you grew up on Gen 1 and the og Pokemon Snap. It’s about being able to see the Pokemon world. The experience you get is like you’re in the Pokemon world itself, enjoying the beauty of it all, being able to interact with all your fav Pokemon right up close in nature, uncovering the little puzzles, and the aspect of discovery. It’s essentially the same reason why people love animal crossing; you get to live out a peaceful island life and enjoy the simplicity.

  3. This has been a dream of mine for the longest time now. I was convinced that the dream was dead, but lo and behold. I’ve thought about the hypothetical design of this game so many times, and I hope that even just a fraction of my wishes will make it in.

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  5. Too bad they decided to work on this when I have already moved past Pokemon.

    Would have loved to have this game 5 years ago, but too little too late.

  6. Ooooo man I’ve been waiting Soo many years for this. After that interview where they said they were thinking about a new Pokemon snap if they could implement a new feature, I was worried that they’d screw it up somehow. But this looks absolutely gorgeous. My only concern now is that this doesn’t end up like like Sword and Shield, and they cut content just to lock it all behind DLC.

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