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Ninjala was delayed due to modifying online play, now has new server design



The Ninjala open beta was a little rough for a lot of players as many had multiple issues trying to log in to the game to try it out not long ago. This writer, for instance, was caught up in a loop in the game’s menu – frustrating, as it looked promising. I’m a big fan of Splatoon and like the look of ARMS, so I was itching to have a go!

Anyway, the game’s designer, Kazuki Morishita, has spoken out about the issue ahead of its launch – 24th June – and says that they’ve got a new server for the game and the team has modified the online play. All other aspects of the game remain untouched so fingers crossed it launches with fewer technical hitches later this month.

You can read what the designer had to say to Nintendo Everything here:

“The reason for the delay was to modify the online competitive play so we could provide a better experience for players. We have a completely new server design. It’s a huge remake. During that time, we incorporated the feedback from various staff members and improved the overall quality. However, the original concept of the gum action has remained intact.”

It’s also worth noting that the game is 2GB according to the eShop page, for those who are interested.


6 thoughts on “Ninjala was delayed due to modifying online play, now has new server design”

  1. If it makes things better of course I’m actually happy for the delay, I haven’t been paying too much attention to ninjala content aside from subbing to them on YouTube and watching whatever content they dish out.

  2. The way the article is worded made it seem like it people were cheating/hacking and not the devs making changes to the servers to run better.

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