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Today is the Bug-Off event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Those of you who own the addictive Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch may want to participate in the new event which is taking place right now. It’s the Bug-Off where the goal is to catch as many creepy crawlys as possible. The event will be happening on the fourth Saturday of each month through to September. Good luck to all this participate!

Thanks to Sleepy for the news tip!

7 thoughts on “Today is the Bug-Off event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

  1. Not going to lie the bug off is way better than the fish off imo, it’s easier to catch bugs than fish and I redeem alot of points for some cool gear

  2. Got gold in a couple hours, little bit faster than the Fishing tourney, but having to run all the way around my island for bugs was a hell of a lot rougher than sitting next to the river with a few hundred bait lmao

    1. Do you have alot of flowers on your island, because having lots of flowers makes it easier to spawn bugs I literally just sat in my flower field catching them making bank with flick.

  3. Dang that sucks, we really need an update that can help us lure bugs like the same way you can do with fishes, so far only turnips and cans spawn flies, and ants, but it would be cool to have some type of bait mechanic for bugs

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