Japan: Super Nintendo World’s opening has been delayed

This July was supposed to be when Super Nintendo World would be opening in Japan. Unfortunately, this is no longer going to be the case. Universal Studios Japan has announced that Super Nintendo World’s opening has been delayed. It is not surprising, but the delay has happened due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. As for when it could happen, Nikkei reports that it could be as early as this fall. However, depending on the state of the pandemic, it could be pushed further back to next year.

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  1. If they are smart it’ll be pushed back to 2021. Virus won’t disappear unless there’s a vaccine so… yeah. I wouldn’t want to go down in history as the company who opened an amusement park during a pandemic.

    1. Yeah I honestly don’t see why they announce it so late I mean it was dead obvious they wouldn’t open back up especially since cases are increasing in certain coubtires, I been expecting them to announce the delay for a while, they should make the status to be determined that way they don’t hype anyone for an unbelievable date, also didn’t Disney open back up?

    2. You know, i don’t think a vaccine is not gonna be enough for some people think its not a enough. They are expecting a cure soon. You know, i don’t know why the company announced this so late since the world is at its current state and the population in the US is still increasing and many deaths have been confirmed. They should have delayed this theme park to be determined and later we could heard a word from them if they decided to make a new release date for the park grand opening. Universal studios and Disneyland is still closed too.

  2. Common flu is worse than coronavirus.

    Social media got people scared because they were told to be.

    Consuming ever word spoon fed directly into your beliefs.

      1. See what I mean. Let my kids go to school. Let us have entertainment and socialize.

        Scared beyond belief.

        Just play your video games.

      2. Not trying to offend anyone honestly.

        Simple joys and freedom sleep and choices taken away from us.

        If your over 50 with underlying health conditions, I’m super sorry, please use caution in these days.

        Just be weary of what your told.

    1. You are apparently not a loving person. Even if you are a person who is asymptomatic, you would still wear a face mask and practice social distancing to protect those who would be put in the hospital if they caught it from YOU.

      Place a higher value on human life. It’s a worthwhile investment.

      1. Enjoy your mandated confinement and just stare into your tv or phone all day.

        The masses, moronic.

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