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Retro Studios hires Call of Duty: Black Ops veteran for Metroid Prime 4

Retro Studios have acquired a new lead engineer from the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise. Bharathwaj β€˜Bat’ Nandakumar joined the acclaimed video game development studio back in April as the company continues to work on Metroid Prime 4. He has worked on every Black Ops instalment to date. We are still no closer to finding out when the highly anticipated project will be completed.


22 thoughts on “Retro Studios hires Call of Duty: Black Ops veteran for Metroid Prime 4”

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    If Metroid Prime 4 isn’t going to be the Game of the year, when will be released, I’m going to rage.

  2. I really hope this +14 year wait is worth it. Expectations from your fan-base will only grow. We’d like to assume you’re working on some really promising things behind the scenes.

    However, I’m skeptical that the finished product won’t outweigh the wait.
    Prove me wrong, Nintendo. PLEASEEEEEEE do this IP justice.

  3. I really don’t know how I feel about these big names being hired. I mean, it’s obviously a good thing; the talent is great. But I feel the series might lose its way (again). Can it be a bad thing if this game is too *big*?

    1. I know what you mean! Metroid isn’t a FPS and, for the people being hired to work on it, it looks like it might take such direction… that worries me a lot. Metroid’s core gameplay is quite simple and I don’t think they should change the formula too much. Changes are always welcomed, but as long as they don’t change what makes a Metroid game great: the exploration and sense of being alone in an alien planet.

      1. FPS as in “you shoot, and it’s in a 1st person perspective”? Yes. FPS as in “similar to 99% of the games traditionally considered FPS’s”, not so much.

      2. As any Metroid fan may know, Metroid Prime is a FPA (first person adventure… it has being described as such by Nintendo itself… I’m not the one who came up up such category! LOL

  4. Hmm… I hope all this big talent actually brings us something truly spectacular. Otherwise, just hire Bob… he’s good. He installed porn on my mp4 player several years ago. :0

  5. You think you want this game to be good? What about Nintendo?

    Nintendo threw money, time and resources at the first draft and then scrapped it, hired new people to work on it. They don’t exactly part with money easily, yet they threw all that out to start fresh and do better. I’m confident it will knock me back when it is finally is ready.

  6. But yea money can’t buy me love. Bringing on talent and putting resources are good things, you just hope it doesn’t become steril like a Marvel movie.

  7. Wait, if they’re still hiring people for this, and it’s been a year and a half since we’ve known about the restart, then where the hell are they in the development process?

    It disturbs me that this game was teased over three years ago now and we still know NOTHING about it. Worse yet, any news we do hear about it is about the developer bringing more people on board just to make the game. What is happening that this is the only info we get?

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  9. I have faith in this game. Metroid prime gave me one of the best video game experiences ever and boy do i crave a similar experience.

    All these guys getting hired can only make this game that much better overall. Lets just hope they dont try to tack on multiplayer like they did in metroid prime 2 or its DS sequels.

    You kinda wish all this talent being announced was for a more powerful nintendo switch sequel right?

  10. Really goes to show how little there is to talk about a company when all there is is just individual hires every now and then.

  11. Predictions for Metroid Prime 4:
    Release: Fall/Holiday 2022
    Get ready to buy back some nostalgia.
    Main Story will be a lovesong to the original prime.
    Nintendo will play it safe. Classic Metroid Prime gameplay. 20-30Hrs
    A few gimmicks. Hopefully not enough to ruin the pace.
    This comment isn’t halfway through its lifecycle.
    Multiplayer will be online and very shallow/disappointing
    NEW Blast Ball seems obvious.
    Metroid Prime Trilogy will be a $60 release in Spring/Summer 2022.
    Paid DLC will be planned for online (maps, character skins)
    Prime 4 will come out so late, we’ll see a Deluxe edition + DLC for the next console.
    This comment will age well.

    1. Sure they may be hiring…just like they’ve been doing for the last few years without any actual announcements or gameplay footage from nintendo -_-

      “be patient” yeah no.

  12. Only thing that slightly worries me is that all these people coming in from call of duty etc could make it too much of a standard FPS. Even though the shooting is obviously a big part of the game, the originals were very much about exploration and would hope that this isn’t just all about the gunplay.

  13. Metroid Prime is one of the games that appreciates a powerful system.

    It is not easy to compete with all the amazing-looking FPS games when you are already disadvantaged with the Switch. I would not be saying the same things if it was Zelda or Mario because there’s no competition for these two.

    However with Metroid it is a different story, players are so used super realistic and sharp visuals which, let’s face, the switch cannot produce as well as the PS4 or PC. I think this is the main reason why they seem reluctant in rolling out Metroid.

    Nintendo R&D have been trying for the past decade to find a niche feature that will make MP stand out. It is evident form all those new hires which is concerning because the next-gen is coming very soon and if this takes any much longer the players will shift their focus elsewhere.

    Honestly I had hope that this will be but 2020 release but seeing the project still hiring new people, it seems less likely.

    It is a shame because I thought Paper Mario and Galarian Slowbro we’re onto something. Oh well.

  14. I have a feeling we’re getting a COD Metroid with a big focus on multiplayer battles in a hopeful attempt to create replayability, community, and extended DLC sales.

    Think Metroid Prime Hunters/Federation Force. Nintendo will try to better execute these failed ideas instead of simply listening to the fan-base (We just want a Metroid game)

    Local co-op will be extremely limited to encourage households to buy 1 switch per person.

    Online will be on par with Nintendo’s other online experiences.

    …. if we ever see this game lol. I remember getting excited for this in 2017…

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