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EVO 2020 Online has been cancelled & Joey Cueller removed as CEO following sexual misconduct allegations

EVO 2020 Online, the virtual event intended to replace EVO 2020 after the coronavirus pandemic forced the organizers to cancel it, has also been cancelled. This time, however, it isn’t because of the pandemic. Various companies and notable attendees have pulled out of EVO 2020 Online after Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, EVO CEO and co-founder, has been accused of sexual misconduct.

EVO’s official statement confirmed that, along with the cancellation of EVO 2020 Online, Cueller will “no longer be involved with EVO in any capacity. We are currently working towards his complete separation from the company and have relieved him of all responsibilities. Going forward, Tony Canon will act as CEO; in this position, he will take a leadership role in prioritizing greater accountability across EVO, both internally and at our events”.

The problem isn’t limited to just EVO either. It is just one of an increasingly growing list of sexual and non-sexual allegations made against many players and casters of the competitive Smash Bros. community. Some of the accused are well-known in the community, and some are not. The allegations range from grooming, pedophilia, sexual assault, and unwanted sexual messages to racism, and the exploitation, fetishization or degradation of women. The situation in the Smash community is still developing, as more people are still coming forward with their stories and the accused continue to respond. As for EVO, it is unknown what this will mean for its future. In the meantime, EVO’s full statement can be seen down below.

12 thoughts on “EVO 2020 Online has been cancelled & Joey Cueller removed as CEO following sexual misconduct allegations”

  1. I never payed attention to online tournaments, or esports or whatever but what’s up with pedo, and sexual abuse being a main theme with all of them , like they all stem exactly to that, it just seems like all the stories are the same and that there all hidden untill more people start discovering the issue and seeing that something should be done about it.

    1. It’s actually pretty simple: video games are loved by people of all ages from kids to adults, and these huge events/tournaments bring in all age ranges. When pedophiles are a part of the community, they wind up being able to find easy prey because the children are brought to these big “grown up” establishments and are out of their element.

      I don’t want to do this explanation injustice so I’ll just say that basically these events are big enough that they bring in enough people that it winds up covering up sexual misconduct of all ranges. This doesn’t have to be the case and I hope that all of these people speaking up now will cause a change, but that’s a good breakdown of why this happens.

      1. Parents should ALWAYS accompany their children, if it’s forbidden by the organisation something is up and you should pull your child out of it, how hard it may feel.

      2. Parents accompanying thier children isn’t forbidden by any FGC based organization that ludicrous to even assume.
        The issue is that the victims are teenagers who are usually seen by their parents to be mature enough to not be talked into doing something they shouldn’t. They are wrong.

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  4. Ah yes, the guy that cut a Japanese stream of Dead or Alive, where the presenters were talking about bouncing boobs because “it didn’t reflect the values of Evo”.
    That guy…. yes.
    Good man. Good man.

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