Nintendo Pokemon

The latest episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings is live

The Pokemon Company has announced that the latest episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings is now available to watch. This particular episode features Allister who is the Galar regions Ghost-type Gym Leader. You can catch up on all episodes via the Pokemon YouTube channel.


  1. Skip. I like Zamazenta but I’m no fan of Allister. Morty and Acerola were better ghost trainers. This guy can’t even build a spider slayer or be a worthy blade for Vergil. I did not buy pokemon shield for Allister and Avery. They are just undesirables trying to block me from Zamazenta and Urshifu. I rasied Toxicroak, Lunnatone and Reuniclus to level 100. Melony is the only Shield exclusive trainer I enjoy. I hope the crowned tundra adds Bea and Klara to league rematches for shield. I soft reset to prevent Allister from showing up to league rematches.


  2. I’m gonna skip to the Sonia part. I brought shield but I like Bea better than Allister. Most of the pokemon exclusives were better on shield.


  3. I brought shield but I dislike Allister and Avery. I just wanted Zamazenta. I skipped to the end of this twilight wings episode just to hear Leon’s voice.


  4. I dislike Allister, Gordie and Avery. I like Melony, Bea and Klara. My favorite ghost trainer is Shauntal. My favorite rock trainer is Roxanne. Caitlin is my favorite psychic trainer.


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