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Nintendo Treehouse Live event announced for 10th July


In a rather surprising turn of events, Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that a Nintendo Treehouse Live event will kick off tomorrow at 10am PT. The event will show gameplay of Paper Mario: The Origami King and it’ll also show a reveal for an upcoming title from developer WayForward, the folk behind the Shantae franchise. You can check out their tweet below.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo Treehouse Live event announced for 10th July”

    1. I am not the biggest fan of all their titles, but what would be so bad about them doing a Metroid? They have already done Aliens Infestation and The Mummy Demastered which are good titles that could work well as an example of them being competent enough to handle it. Though I would worry they would maybe not do as good as a job on the exploration bits

  1. Heck, even though I’m completely not sold on Origami King this Treehouse live thing is SOMEthing at least to look forward to. I’m down.

  2. WayForward could be something switch force related maybe, but also Nintendo did mention about letting other developers get there input into their own ips, like cadence of hyrule, so maybe they are taking the reins of something like a 2d Metroid.

    1. would be cool to see them take a crack at reviving a dormant series, like IceClimbers, a new 2D Kid icarus or StarTropics

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