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Suda51 makes brief cameo appearance in the Devolver Direct



We got a very quick glimpse at another look at No More Heroes 3 when Suda51 made a quick cameo on yesterday’s Devolver Direct. It was only a couple of seconds but the indie legend cropped up on the end credits, thumbs up, with the game playing on the screen behind him. We haven’t heard much about Tavis Touchdown’s next adventure which is coming to Nintendo Switch, but he did show off Travis not long ago with a blurry screenshot.

This writer was lucky enough to meet the man himself in Germany last year at Gamescom and his passion for Nintendo, and to create a sequel he knows fans will enjoy, is palpable. I distinctly remember him talking about teasing fans, and, well, I guess he is certainly living up to that!

We’re sure they’re hard at work creating a memorable sequel and we’ll be sure to let you folk know as and when more info comes up.

You can watch the whole 45-minute Devolver Direct here.

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11 thoughts on “Suda51 makes brief cameo appearance in the Devolver Direct”

    1. He’s lovely! Had a good 1 hour sit down with him and some of his team. He’s really down to earth and humble. HUGE fan of Nintendo and has a really deep love for indies

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