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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered won’t have offline multiplayer

News has emerged today that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will not offer players the choice of offline and local multiplayer. This information is sure to come as a blow to prospective owners. The reason behind the decision has not been revealed, other than the developers citing “development reasons.” Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles launches for the Nintendo Switch next month on the 27th August 2020.

15 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered won’t have offline multiplayer”

  1. Before people say you only beed 1 copy, that isn’t true. Even when someone owns the game you’re still limited to only a small section of the game. I was planning to play this 4-player local with my siblings, as that was something we where unable to do as children as we didn’t have GBA’s, despite having the GameCube original. I don’t see this as a game worth buying 4 copies of.

  2. They should scrap this project then.

    The game was fun when it was on Gamecube, if you and friends happened to have the GBA and the required cords to play multiplayer it was an ok experience.

    The whole ” someone has to carry this chalice” to even traverse through the levels is such an annoying feature, and honestly for me was a major breaking factor of the game. It just feels so damn pointless. And I still own the game and gba/cables to allow 2 people to play.

    Over all when you look at FFCC it’s a extremely limited game. Its almost the stepping stone into the FF realm of games. Picking one attribute to upgrade, then having to do another section again to raise ONE other stat potentially.

    They should have just let the series go and focused on something with some substance to it. I’d be surprised if the re release does good at all.

  3. So a key part of the original is not going to be in the remaster, surely that should have been a priority to have in?

    1. It’s still in the game, you just have to play online instead. I’m not sure why they couldn’t get the local multiplayer to work if the switches were in close proximity, it would’ve been like the DS version.

  4. This sucks for the title.

    Thankfully the people I played this with on GC + GBA are all intending to buy a copy. Do we know if it’ll have local play with multiple switches + their own copy? Or is it a case of if friends come over they all have to jump onto my Internet for us to play?

  5. This game has no real reason to exist at this point. This isnt something like Diablo 3, where you can spend practically hundreds upon hundreds of hours in. This is a game with a relatively short play experience, as far as this type of game is concerned. This is something that was perfect as a title you would pick up and play couch co-op with friends with. There is not going to be lobbys full of people playing this at all times of the day, there just isnt that much content here to keep people interested in that. Hell, I cant imagine how supporting servers for this would be cheaper in the long-run compared to just doing the development necessary to make this function properly like the original version with local play.

  6. Literally what’s the point then? That was the primary selling point of the original game despite how cumbersome it was to get going.

    Now instead of a link cable and GBA all my friends and family gotta have their own game, switch, and online subscription just to play!?
    Lol fuck off Square.

  7. Square Enix pulling a Konami again huh, I’m not surprised at this point anymore Square has become one of the worse companies given the choices they’ve been making over the past 2 decades.
    In my eyes Square is going the same route Konami went down with idiotic decisions, sad part is no one noticed how terrible Square has become over the years because companies like EA, Bethesda, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Rockstar, 2K ect have been so terrible that they eclipsed the bs Square have been pulling over the years.

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