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Chibi-Robo developer Skip Ltd has possibly closed down

Skip Ltd, the team behind the charming Chibi-Robo series, may have closed its doors for good. Fans of the the long-running franchise have noticed that the company’s website is no longer accessible, though it can be reached via the IP address. Secondly the Skip Ltd placard, which is at the front of their offices, has been removed and finally the CEO has recently removed the address to the company’s website from his personal Twitter profile. All in all it is a shame.

  • Their website is no longer active
  • Their company placard has been removed from the sign of their office building
  • Their CEO has removed the URL to Skip’s website from his Twitter bio


4 thoughts on “Chibi-Robo developer Skip Ltd has possibly closed down”

  1. And I was hoping for a new installment in the Chibi Robo series at some point in the future. I hope Nintendo saves the series if Skip Ltd has closed down.

  2. Nintendo killed the game plain and simple. Just watch Scott the Woz’s video about Zip Lash and you’ll see how Nintendo made everything in their power to kill it

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