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Fan project ‘GoldenEye 25’ for PC cancelled as devs receive cease and desist notice


Originally released in 1997, GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo 64 is often heralded as one of the most prolific shooters of our time. It was a glowing example of gaming greatness and who could forget the amount of hours that were spent huddling around a TV box with your friends painfully squinting as the screen was split into 4 tiny squares. Well, fans of the game and developers of the fan project ‘GoldenEye 25’ – an unofficial remaster of the game that was heading to PC in this month – have received a cease and desist notice from the IP holder for GoldenEye, MGM. They’re sadly having to stop development of the project and delete their social media accounts for the game.

The GoldenEye 25 twitter account tweeted a statement recently and you can read it below:

Thankfully though, it’s not all doom and gloom. Although the team can’t release their shooter with GoldenEye assets, they are going to be releasing a title under a different project name with different assets. At least their efforts haven’t been completely wasted!

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15 thoughts on “Fan project ‘GoldenEye 25’ for PC cancelled as devs receive cease and desist notice”

  1. The golden rule on fan-made passion project videogames based on existing IP’s: don’t tell anyone about it until you’ve released it. It’s not rocket science…

  2. If it plays like GoldenEye, and feels like GoldenEye, then it’ll still be a GoldenEye remaster. It will just have a new look.

  3. If anything, the new game could be a homage to GoldenEye if the mechanics and level structure are the same. All they’d really need to change is the characters and scenario and music.

  4. I wish nintendo released some of their games (even older ones) on pc.

    The switch doesnt have all the retro games like wiuu did so it would be great.

    Also imagine all those games with actual good performance and improved visuals (Xenoblade, golden eye etc etc)

    1. Directly contrary to their whole strategy. They don’t sell first party games to make money on first party games. They sell first party games to get you invested in their platform. Same reason Sony discounts their first or second party games to virtually nothing so quickly after release.

  5. people do realize their was an official remake of this game right. It even had a Wii version if they want to play it on Nintendo again.

  6. I sure miss the relationship between Nintendo and Rare. Now I Grunty have to be in a cell with that bird and bear without much care. These devlopers wont lift a finger on a new B/K game how unfair.

  7. This is why we should be quiet about our fanmade projects until they’re actually finished!
    If you blab it out to the world, then SOMEBODY from an official gaming company is only going to come after you.
    Seriously, why do we announce stuff before projects are even completed!?

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