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US: New HORI Split Pad Pro colour variants up for pre-order on Amazon

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the ‘Split Pad Pro’ for Nintendo Switch, from respectable gaming accessory manufacturer HORI, is now being made available in some more colour variants: Volcanic Red, Translucent Black and Midnight Blue. They’re retailing for $49.99 and have a release date listed of 7th September. The pre-orders for these controllers are now live so head over to Amazon if you’re looking for a robust controller attachment for your Nintendo Switch.

Here’s some info from the Amazon webpage:

  • Full-size Controller experience in handheld mode
  • Larger grip, Buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and d-pad
  • Programmable rear Buttons, turbo, assignable Buttons, and more
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo

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10 thoughts on “US: New HORI Split Pad Pro colour variants up for pre-order on Amazon”

    1. I haven’t used these, but I could imagine that using them detached from the Switch could be somewhat impractical. I’m thinking that they might not be very comfortable to hold since they wouldn’t have a resistance to push against while detached from the console, something that wouldn’t be a problem for the smaller Joy-Cons (since you can wrap your fingers around them). This might actually put their entire weight on very specific sections of your hands. This is just a guess based purely on the images, though. Maybe it’s not actually a problem and maybe they’re not even as big as they look.

      1. Yea you may have a point there. It would take an actual owner to verify though, I think I’ll stick to this reasoning as opposed to the default they just don’t want to make it happen lol

  1. Couldn’t fine the pre-order for the new colors because I want to buy one, due to my hands getting tired but looked on Amazon and they are like $65 for the one currently out. So guess I will wait and see if I can find a pre-order one at the normal price. lol

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