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Ninjala’s code of conduct updated: match bans/account suspension for idling mid-battle

In the gaming world, there are few things more irritating than playing an online multiplayer match and one of your team mates decides to just stand there ultimately giving the opposition the upper-hand. Maybe they’ve gone to put the kettle on? The match has started mid bathroom break? Or the player is sulking due to a string of losses; it can be infuriating for others, and the developers behind Ninjala are aiming to stamp down on such behaviour. GungHo has updated the code of conduct for the free-to-play title and it’s made it very clear that idling mid-battle or performing the same attacks is simply not on and they’re not afraid to swing down the ban hammer on those who are disrupting the flow of play.

Here’s their full notice from the official website:

Thank you for playing Ninjala.

Currently, we have observed the following behavior in Ranked and Free Matches.

– Players going unresponsive in mid-battle
– Players robotically repeating a single action
– Players running around the stage but not participating in battle

Idling and similar conduct ruins the balance of battle and can have an extremely adverse effect on the fairness of the matching system, and is therefore strictly prohibited by the Ninjala Terms of Service.

The Ninjala Team is constantly monitoring reports from our players and various game logs.
If any player is determined to be repeatedly idling or engaging in similarly unsportsmanlike behavior, we reserve the right to take measures such as implementing matching bans or suspending player accounts.

The Ninjala Team endeavors to provide a safe and fair gaming environment for all players, and we ask for your cooperation in enjoying the game responsibly and in accordance with the Terms of Service.
Furthermore, should you encounter any suspected violations, we ask for your cooperation in reporting them to our team.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Ninjala.

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8 thoughts on “Ninjala’s code of conduct updated: match bans/account suspension for idling mid-battle”

  1. Yeah this is the exact same thing that happen in Fortnite when one of my squad mates are not moving during duos or squads matches. Sometimes when i enter the match in duos and squads, one of my squad mates become inactive and not moving during the entire match for no reason. It really annoys me sometimes. Epic Games should update the game and have the same rules in the online policy like Ninjala.

    I’m ok with players or users using the same move or run around the map without taken part in battle. Its not a issue for me at all.

  2. Couldn’t they just add some kind of auto-kick mechanic? Most multiplayer competitive games has systems like that.

  3. Imagine companies thinking nothing else could be happening in your life other than video games. *facepalm*

    If the player becomes inactive, remove them from the match and replace them with a bot if possible.

    1. Or if a bot isn’t doable, at least render the results for the losing team moot. Splatoon’s Ranked matches do this.

      “Some teammates disconnected early, so your rank won’t be affected.”

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