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Pokemon Masters celebrates one year anniversary with major new update

DeNA and The Pokemon Company are celebrating the one year anniversary of the entertaining Pokemon Masters on iOS and Android devices. The team uploaded a new video highlighting some of the changes coming to the mobile title which will soon be known as Pokemon Masters EX. New features being added to the game include the ability to upgrade sync pairs to 6-Stars, the new Champion Stadium mode, and new costumes for specific sync pairs. Trainers Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine will also be appearing in Pokemon Masters for a special event which is taking place on 9th September. Check out the video below!

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  1. Hau is the most annoying Pokémon trainer in Alola. Sun and moon and the ultra versions would have been better if Hau was not there.


    1. Hop is one of my least favorite characters. He stole screentime from Marnie and Bede. I like Melony, Klara and Bea but I don’t like Allister, Avery and Gordie. Faba was a better psychic trainer. Olivia was a better rock trainer. Acerola was a better ghost trainer.

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