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Pokemon Sword & Shield users can claim a Porygon2 code

The Pokemon Company has rather handily decided to give away a Porygon2 in the popular Pokemon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch. To claim the battle-ready Pokemon all you need to do is enter the following password in the Mystery Gift menu in-game. The code for Porygon2 is PKMNPLAYERSCUP. Porygon2 is “expertly trained to battle with Trick Room strategies” and is available until 31st August.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield users can claim a Porygon2 code”

  1. I want legit crown tundra leaks. I want Avery to be removed from pokemon shield. I want an optional patch that removes him from my game. I hate Avery because he is not a cute girl. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

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