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Ninjala: Season 2 trailer for Nintendo Switch

GungHo Online Entertainment released Season 2 of Ninjala. In the latest dev diary, they discussed what would come to Ninjala in its next season, including a new board-themed weapon class, new abilities and a new stage – Shinobi City. 

The dev diary also revealed that Season 2 of Ninjala will include a Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration in Season 2, with more details coming soon, as well as a preview of an upcoming episode of the Ninjala cartoon series. The third cartoon will focus on the backstory of Jane – an expert hacker with a major sweet tooth. 
The board class introduces four new weapons and abilities to Ninjala: the Festival Board, Ninja Caliber, Camu Camu Plate and the Home Run Surfer. Abilities for this weapon class include:

  • Gum Ghost – fires a ghost-shaped bullet passes through walls and depletes other players’ S-Energy. 
  • Potent Poison – releases a poisonous gas cloud, depleting opponents’ health and allowing the chance to score an IPPON if it drops their health to 0.  
  • Overpowering Wave – Home Run Surfer’s Special attack that lets players hang ten and ride the waves as they string together multiple attacks. While on the wave, players will not be affected by Gum Shoots and can quickly 

Source: Gung Ho

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