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Platinum Games staff share Astral Chain art for first anniversary

The well-received latest title from Platinum Games on the Nintendo Switch Astral Chain is celebrating its first anniversary today. To mark the occasion Platinum Games concept artist Yuki Suda and scenario writer Akiteru Naka have published some lovely new artwork. Platinum Games Akahisa Taura has thanked Switch owners for purchasing the game and is happy that those who have been playing it have had an enjoyable experience.


      1. Lol, yes I didn’t even realize it. I saw the tweets he made about Bayonetta 3 and Astral Chain 2 on Nintendo Life and wondered why I didn’t see them since I was following him. I tried to search for him but it didn’t come up. I finally saw his twitter on someone else’s tweet and when I clicked on his name it said I was blocked -.- I’m wondering what I did lol.

        1. Mmmm You know this might be a coincidence. I really don’t know why he goes on his way to block someone like you for no reason. However, it is against the site policy to block someone for no reason unless they did something bad to he/her. Blocking users for no reason is consider harassment and bullying. Beside’s i didn’t know he mention Astral Chain 2 or Bayonetta 3.

  1. While I enjoyed this fun packed game I do not wish for a sequel for one single reason. I need Platinum Games to focus on Bayonetta 3 and release it before the end of the year.

    It already got delayed thanks to Astral Chain.

  2. Be careful when typing platinumgames or that gorilla known as liam robertson will correct you. Would be cool if he reminded platinumgames how much of a scam the w101 was

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