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Retro Studios has hired Dylan Jobe (DOOM/Call of Duty: MW) as director of development

With over 25 years of experience to his name, Dylan Jobe has been appointed the role of director of development at Retro Studios, the studio behind the eagerly awaited Metroid Prime 4. Jobe has worked on titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, DOOM and Twisted Metal: Black and his role within the studio is focused on handling Metroid Prime 4’s schedule, product quality and scope according to a job description. Jobe also worked on Warhawk which was a PlayStation 3 exclusive title that released in 2007.


14 thoughts on “Retro Studios has hired Dylan Jobe (DOOM/Call of Duty: MW) as director of development”

  1. This reminds me of when they brought all those big-time players to the Lakers in about 2004 or something and they flopped miserably.

    I am sincerely hoping that will not be the case here.

  2. Other IPs: “Here is our new Mario game. By the way, it releases next year!”
    Metroid: “We’ve just hired another person for this game. Who knows, we might release in two to three years!”

    1. They only announced Prime 4 early because they where annoyed with fans who kept posting on Twitter that Nintendo doesn’t care about Metroid. Mario fans know they are eventually getting a game, so no need to announce it early.

  3. Lots and lots of people being hired that worked on military shooters. I feel like this game will be more shooter than we might think! (which is fine to me, I love shooters)

    1. I don’t necessarily think so. Most game devs aren’t one trick ponies. Most are flexible and can work/have worked on many different genres of games throughout their career. I doubt they will go full shooter on Metroid, since they know that most Metroid fans are more into adventure/exploration-styled gameplay.

  4. All this teasing… all these hires… MP4 is starting to feel like a distant memory, which will soon disappear… like… Tears… in the rain…

  5. i hope it’s like they already have another trilogy and they just knocked it out back to back in the works.
    wouldn’t hurt for a compilation of some anniversary for the series as well. it’s been so long since they had their metroid franchise in the limelight. maybe they got other projects in the work that they too ain’t talking about. like all the stuff they were previously working on during the gamecube era when they just started.

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