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It seems Prince of Persia Remake from Ubisoft isn’t coming to Switch after all

Despite the recent retail listing it seems that the Prince of Persia Remake won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch after all. The news was announced by industry insider, Daniel Ahmad. There is a Prince of Persia Remake coming from Ubisoft and it is set to be announced during the Ubisoft Forward digital event which takes place tomorrow at 9pm BST /1pm PT. Immortals: Fenyx Rising will be presented at the event though and that’s scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch later this year.


  1. Not bothering to watch their show then, the last one was terrible anyway. They’d rather support Stadia than Switch, good move.

  2. I’ll wait abd ses for the official announcement first. But I don’t understand why people think Ubisoft is just ignoring the Switch. They’ve ported all their games that could actually run on the system to it. The ones that couldn’t are available to stream Stadia style in Japan. People have to understand the Switch isn’t powerful enough to play every AAA game, I thought Outer Worlds taught them that. A remaster trilogy could easily run on the switch, so this would be the first overlook if it true.

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