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Nintendo releases Super Mario 3D All-Stars overview trailer

Nintendo has unleashed a new trailer for the highly anticipated Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection for the Nintendo Switch system. The collection will finally be released this Friday and is available to pre-order physically and digitally via the eShop. You get the iconic Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and finally Super Mario Galaxy. Check out the fun filled trailer down below and expect our review soon!

9 thoughts on “Nintendo releases Super Mario 3D All-Stars overview trailer”

    1. Being technical, those preorders were canceled because Nintendo wasn’t communicative about what total distribution would be, not that we know for sure it won’t be enough. So if you wanted to be optimistic, you could speculate that maybe it was just a communication failure and there will be enough until March.

      1. Who knows. It’s probably just to scare people into going digital and then release enough physical to gain more sales. Or it was because that retailer was cheaper than Amazon, so Nintendo didn’t prioritize them. Because Nintendo neeeeever had a problem with people selling their games cheap back in the days…

  1. Never played 64 but I did play the DS version of it. Only played Galaxy and Sunshine once, and that was over a decade ago, or in Galaxy’s case, if it hasn’t been out a decade yet, then whenever it was originally released for Wii.

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