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Miyamoto says they made Mario a plumber “to be someone who might live near you & not a superhero”

CNN did an article celebrating Super Mario’s 35th anniversary by looking back at the franchise’s history. They spoke to many people for the article, including Shigeru Miyamoto. At one point, Miyamoto is asked why they made Mario a plumber. In response, he said that “we wanted him to be someone who might live near you, and not a superhero”.


11 thoughts on “Miyamoto says they made Mario a plumber “to be someone who might live near you & not a superhero””

    1. I hardly check the news nowadays since it far too often only tells part of the story to push an agenda. Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of this and it’s tiring.

        1. That would be an interesting thing to research on. It seems like the mainstream news outlets are constantly driven by outrage and/or fear over something and I’d like to know why.

          1. Well, I’ll give you two answers. Police brutally against some black people and People getting sick during the outbreak. Yeah, that’s what they fear.

            also, some people live a few blocks ahead of me are afraid to go outside because of Police brutally against some black people.

            1. I mean in general. The news has been like this for years, like their focus on the school shootings making it seem like a sudden epidemic when the amount of school shootings have actually been less frequent. You can argue that it’s because negative news is what sells, but it was also to bring the discussion of gun control to the table.

              1. Ah i see. Well, correct me if i’m wrong, I believe during the outbreak that kids who got bulled at school pretty much every time is delaying there attacks on there classmates and teachers during the outbreak. Yep, my mind been telling me that they are delaying there attacks during the coronavirus outbreak.

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