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DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch is ‘very close’ says developer

During a very recent PAX Online x EGX Digital session that’s available to view on YouTube, DOOM Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton provided fans of the franchise a development update for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. He says id Software is working with Panic Button to get the game ready for launch on Switch and that the title is ‘very close’. Stratton also mentioned that they are ‘trying to make it the best version of the game it possibly can be’ while trying to be ‘very uncompromising’.

You can read his full comment about the game’s development below:

“I wish I could give you specifics. I read all the comments, and when we say anything about Doom Eternal, there’s always the one out of every five comments is, ‘Yeah, how about you tell us about the Switch?’ I know people are anxious.

We’re trying to make it the best version of the game it possibly can be, so we’ve been working with Panic Button. They’re also like everybody in work from home. It’s taken a little bit longer to get there, but we want it to be everything it possibly can be. It’s very close, and we’re trying to be very uncompromising with what it needs to be because there’s a high demand for it. We will be talking about it again in the not too distant future. It is close, but I can’t say exactly how close.”

Marty Stratton

And here’s the full interview:

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3 thoughts on “DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch is ‘very close’ says developer”

  1. Got it on Steam for my birthday. Probably won’t be picking it up on Switch, even though I’m curious, but the last title still costs 90USD from where I buy games. Ludicrous.

  2. I won’t be surprised if the extra development time is being used for the next iteration of NS. If that’s the case, then DOOM Eternal will probably be out around the time that system drops, I’m guessing around March 2021.

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